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Fairy Glen, Parbold | Days Out

21st July 2019

One of our favourite days out in West Lancashire is Fairy Glen, which sits the other side of Parbold Hill, just minutes away from the M6 motorway. Sprodley Brook has cut through the sandstone in this area to create a steep valley and stunning waterfalls between ancient woodland, making Fairy Glen in Parbold one of the most picturesque woodlands in West Lancashire.

Dexter walking along a rocky path in Fairy Glen, Parbold

Getting to Fairy Glen, Parbold

Fairy Glen is located on the A5209 between Parbold and Appley Bridge, around twenty minutes away from Ormskirk and five minutes from J27 on the M6.

There is no designated parking for Fairy Glen, but luckily across the road is a lay-by (postcode: WN6 9EQ) with enough space for around ten to fifteen cars. The road on which Fairy Glen is located (A5209) is a busy National Speed Limit road, so always take care when parking in the lay-by and trying to access the woodlands on the opposite side of the road.

Dexter stood next to a pond in Fairy Glen, Parbold

You can also walk to Fairy Glen relatively easy from Appley Bridge train station. It’s around a 1.5 mile walk, which should take around 30 minutes. It is also possible to walk there from Parbold train station, however you must first walk over Parbold Hill which could be a struggle with little legs.

What is at Fairy Glen, Parbold?

The scenery is absolutely stunning, with towering trees above you and little streams and waterfalls everywhere you turn. Fairy Glen is extremely popular with families and dog walkers who come to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings and quiet atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to explore with a curious toddler who can clamber over bridges, hop across stepping stones and splash around in muddy puddles. We most enjoyed seeing the little fairy houses and smatterings of glitter here and there, which truly make Fairy Glen a magical place for families.

Dexter walking along a bridge in Fairy Glen, Parbold

Dexter walking on a bridge in Fairy Glen, Parbold

The paths within Fairy Glen are relatively flat and you should be okay to bring a pushchair if needed for your baby or toddler, however if it has been raining, it can get very muddy and there are lots of roots and rocks that you can easily trip over. We tend to babywear when we bring Felix and when Dexter was still a young toddler (just turned two) we used reins to stop him from wandering too close to the cliff edges which you can happen upon very quickly.

There are a few benches here and there, so a picnic is possible if you prepare, as there are no facilities within Fairy Glen to purchase food or use the toilet.

Dex walking along a path beneath huge, tall trees in Fairy Glen, Parbold

What’s Nearby?

Just up the road, at the top of Parbold Hill, is another lay-by where cars pull in to stop and admire the view and there is usually an ice cream van here selling a range of affordable treats for little ones. Across the road is the steakhouse chain, Miller and Carter and in the other direction from Fairy Glen is Pesto, an Italian restaurant with outdoor seating.

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Dex walking along a path next to a pond and some trees in Fairy Glen, Parbold

Nicola stood on a log in Fairy Glen in Parbold

A stream running alongside a path in Fairy Glen, Parbold

Dexter walking along a path next to greenery in Fairy Glen, Parbold

It’s clear to see from the photos why Fairy Glen in Parbold is one of our favourite days out. The scenery is unrivaled in West Lancashire and the little one just loves how magical of a place it is. Even the eight month old was in awe looking around at the leaves moving in the winds and the sounds of brook running alongside us!

Have you been to Fairy Glen in Parbold? What did you love the most about it?


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