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Leaf Open Farm Sunday @ Taylor’s Farm, Burscough

10th June 2019

Leaf Open Farm Sunday took place this last Sunday, June 9th and we visited our local farm: Taylor’s Farm who have a gorgeous farm shop that’s popular in West Lancashire and beyond.

Open Farm Sunday is managed by Leaf (Linking Environment and Farming) and helps people young and old understand more about the farming industry by supporting farms to have an annual open day whereby you can visit a local farm, learn more about farming techniques and enjoy some delicious food on offer.

Taylor’s Farm has been in their family for over 100 years and they farm cattle who are fed from their own stores of grains. Taylor’s is a fully functioning farm and they supply any excess grains to the world market.

Dexter, Felix and I popped along to Taylor’s Farm for the Leaf Open Farm Sunday and we were disappointed. We were so pleased to see how busy it was with people from all over the local community, especially as we read that any profits from the day were being donated to Alder Hey children’s charity. Alder Hey looked after us a couple of years ago when Dexter bust open his lip and required plastic surgery, so it’s a charity very close to our hearts.

Fun on the Farm

There was so much to see and do for both children and adults alike. Dexter has fun climbing the tractors to have his picture taken and seeing the animals on display including cows, chickens, lambs, alpacas and bees. There were burgers and ice cream for sale and lots of samples of steak and curry going round for everyone to try. There was a butchery demonstration, bouncy castles, local shops selling their wares and places to sit and eat a picnic.

Dexter in front of a red farming vehicle at Taylor’s Farm on Leaf Open farm sunday

Dexter looking at sitting down cows in a barn at Taylor’s Farm on Leaf Open farm sunday

Dexter climbing a JCB on Taylor’s farm on leaf Open farm Sunday

Dexter smiling sat on a green tractor in taylor’s Farm on leaf Open farm sunday

Why we Loved it

The sunny weather on the day obviously helped, but more importantly it was great to get Dexter onto a working farm to see the real life machinery he’s seen in books and on TV. At three years old, he’s still a little young to understand the concept of a working farm and what fantastic work they’re doing there, but we’ll continue to make this an annual event and attend every year so that he and his brother Felix, grow up understanding how important farming is to the UK economy.

Dexter sat on a red tractor in taylor’s Farm on leaf Open farm Sunday

Dexter wearing glasses that makes you see like a bee on taylor’s Farm during leaf Open farm Sunday

Dexter sat on an old silver tractor in Taylor’s farm during leaf Open farm Sunday

Dexter sat on a green John Deere at taylor’s Farm during leaf Open Sunday

Dexter looking down at a chicken in a cage at Taylor’s farm on leaf Open farm Sunday

Thank you to Leaf and Taylor’s Farm for a fantastic day out and we can’t wait to see you again next year!

Next year’s event is on the 7th June 2020. Find your local farm here.

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