About Us

Travelling with Boys is a UK based family travel and days out blog brought to you by Nicola, the Mum and blogger behind Mummy to Dex. Created in 2019, Travelling with Boys covers the family adventures of Nicola, her husband Neil and their two sons Dexter and Felix who reside in the North West of England in a small rural village.

Nicola and Felix

Nicola has been blogging for over three years and runs successful parenting and lifestyle blog Mummy to Dex. Aside from blogging in her spare time, Nicola is a full time working mother who loves to travel and over the past two decades has visited many countries including Japan, USA, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, Italy, Poland, Finland, Latvia, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, France, Germany, Malta, Czech Republic, Turkey and Lithuania. Her favourite destinations are Thailand, Australia, Tunisia and Italy.

Neil is a full time teacher who lives for school holidays and riding his bike. Before meeting Nicola he didn’t do much travel, but since meeting they’ve had wonderful short and long haul trips to New York, Washington DC, Sydney, The Great Ocean Road, Tunis, Warsaw, Paris, Rome, Melbourne, Bangkok, Phuket and Kuala Lumpur. Neil prefers to travel to hilly regions so he can tackle them with his bike and prefers sunbathing to temple hopping. The best part of travel for him is sampling the local cuisine whether that’s street food or a Michelin starred restaurant.

Dexter is seven years old and is just starting to catch the travel bug his parents have. Felix is 5 and as such a content and calm little guy, makes travel easy for the whole family.

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