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Alone But Not Lonely: Solo Travel Mistakes To Remember

4th September 2020

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Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely.

Solo travel is an incredible way to broaden your horizons, both culturally and socially. You have to go outside of your comfort zone if you don’t plan on spending the duration of your trip speaking only to yourself!

Before you set off, you probably have a few nerves, and to ease them, decided to do some solo travel research. As a result, it’s common for newbies to believe that they must do certain things and act in a particular way. That’s a big mistake because it’s your adventure.

Here are the four more errors to remember.

Feeling Obligated To Stay In Hostels

Hostels are great since they are designed for strangers to come together and meet organically. However, there’s no law stating that you must book a bed in a sixteen-person dorm room until the date of your inbound flight. It’s easier to connect with people and make relationships, so it’s well worth staying in hostels along your route, yet you can branch out and book a hotel room too. The latter is ideal for when you require “me” time and privacy, two things, poetically, you don’t get when you travel alone.

Not Flashpacking

For those who haven’t heard the phrase before, “flashpacking” is a derogatory word for a traveller who flies to destinations rather than hopping on a train or taking a bus. Never be ashamed to catch a flight. Firstly, a plane ticket is as affordable as a bus ticket in some countries. More importantly, it’s worth the money if you only have a specified amount of time and must be at a destination. You shouldn’t miss out on experiencing sights and customs because somebody in a hostel may tease you. Their trip is their own, and yours is yours, so don’t worry about taking the shortest and least painful form of transport!

Pixabay – CC0 Licence

Booking In Advance

Staying on the topic of transport, it’s easy to organise your trip before it starts. This means you’ll pay for the tickets and accommodation well in advance as it eases your nerves. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why you should avoid early bookings. Whether you want late holiday deals or single flights, they’re pretty much always cheaper the closer to the date. Plus, travelling solo is about going with the flow and embracing what your adventure throws in your direction. You can’t do that if you must stick to a stringent schedule.

Getting Too Comfortable

The incredible thing about travelling is that you soon feel at home. After three weeks, it’s as if you’ve been on the road for three years! However, this comes with risks as, when you become comfy, you forget about the dangers. Not to make it a gender thing, but women should always take precautions when travelling solo just in case. Remember that the little things make big differences, such as telling the receptionist of your plans or sharing your Uber ride with a friend.

When you learn from these mistakes before your trip, you’ll find it goes smoother!

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