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The Fabulous Benefits of Caravan Holidays

21st September 2020

At the moment, we’re all a little bit worried about booking trips. Your 2020 summer holiday may have been cancelled, and if we’re honest, there’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to travel normally in 2021 either. You might be worried about infection rates around the world, the likelihood of a vaccine in the next year or so, and the financial risks of booking something that might be cancelled before you get to go. You might even be worried about finding yourself and your family stuck in another country if things were to change while you were away. We don’t know what’s coming, and with rules and restrictions still changing regularly, it can be hard to get excited about something like a holiday, which is expensive, and far in the future. 

It’s no surprise that many of us are turning to holidays in our own country, instead of thinking about jetting off around the world. The good news is, caravan holidays can be fabulous! Here’s a look at some of the benefits. 

Budget-Friendly Breaks

Finding caravans for hire, even on holiday parks with plenty of facilities, can be significantly cheaper than fancy hotels or breaks abroad. You’ll also save money by not travelling as far, and by making the most of all of the facilities included in the price of your break, such as swimming pools and entertainment. 

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Fantastic Locations

Caravan parks are often in great locations close to popular tourist hotspots and other attractions. There’s always plenty to do when you go on a caravan holiday. 

On-Site Facilities

One of the best things about a caravan holiday on a caravan park is that there’s always loads to do on-site, especially for families. Even if other attractions are forced to close because of COVID-19, you may be able to have fun on-site. 

The Nostalgia Effect

Most of us went on family holidays in caravans when we were kids. You might have plenty of fantastic memories of staying on holiday parks with your family, exploring the site and making new friends. 

You Get Your Own Space

When you stay in a hotel with kids, you are often forced to fit everyone into the same small room, which is rarely fun. Other accommodation abroad can also be restrictive, and you may not have much space to do what you want to. In caravans, there are separate bedrooms, as well as a kitchen and living area. You might even have a small outdoor space to enjoy. 

Caravan Holidays are Very Social

Socialisation is a little tricky right now. But generally, caravan holidays are very social. There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people, make friends and enjoy the company of other holidaymakers. 

A Chance to Get Out into Nature

Caravan parks are often near beaches or forests, giving you a great chance to spend more time in nature. 

At the moment, another great advantage of a caravan break on a holiday park is that park staff will be implementing COVID-19 restrictions to keep you and your family safe. Certainly less risky than other holiday options at the moment.


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