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The Best Destinations In The World To Take Your Family

21st September 2021

When you are thinking about your future travel plans, you need to bear in mind who you are going to be travelling with and how you can make sure that everyone is happy and enjoys the trip as much as possible. That is not always easy to do, especially if you are travelling with your entire family. But one way to make sure that travelling with your family is more enjoyable is to ensure you choose a destination that is genuinely going to be as good as possible for everyone in the family.

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In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best destinations in the world where you might want to take your family on a holiday. Whether you are planning for a trip this year or the next, or somewhere further down the line, all of the following destinations are well worth considering at the very least.


First of all, the USA has to be considered for the simple fact that it is so huge and varied that there is bound to be something for everyone in your family. There are parts of the US which are especially worth considering as a family. If you have young kids, you’ll obviously be keen on Orlando and Disney World. If you have teenagers, maybe more along the lines of New York is what you will be thinking. In any case, you are bound to be able to find somewhere in the US that is suitable for your family holiday.

Bear in mind that travelling to the US requires that you follow some fairly stringent customs laws, so make sure that you check out before you go, and do everything you can to follow the rules as closely as possible. It will make the experience a lot easier and more positive.

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You might never have thought of visiting Lapland, and yet it is a fantastic option if you are trying to plan the perfect winter holiday with your kids. Lapland is of course famously home to Santa Claus, and it’s a wintery spot where Christmas-time snow is more or less guaranteed. So if you are keen to deliver the perfect white Christmas for your kids, going to Lapland is certainly one way to do it. You can even have your kids pulled along on a sleigh by reindeer, so this is an experience that is going to be genuinely magical for all.

The Caribbean

Sometimes all you want is to find somewhere where you and your family can unwind and relax. If that is what you want above all, then you are certainly going to want to consider going to the Caribbean. This consists of numerous beautiful and stunning countries, each of which is completely unique in its own character, and it’s great for the ideal beach holiday where you can unwind and let go of all of your stress. If you and your family are keen on that kind of experience, this is an exotic location you’ll definitely want to try out.


Another place that might not automatically crop up in your head when you are thinking about family vacations is Chile. This often has a reputation for not being the safest place in the world, but actually it is perfectly plausible to travel around Chile and not come into any trouble at all, as long as you make a point of doing it in the right way. And all in all, it can prove to be one of the most fascinating places to explore with your family anyway.

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Arguably the best way to get around Chile is to go road tripping with a hired car. Not only is this safer, but it means that you can go and explore whatever corners of the country you would most like to explore. You and your family can all decide on a place to go to in the country, and simply go there, without having to worry about taking your kids on public transport and all those other stresses that can really get in the way. All in all, Chile can be a surprisingly easy place to take your family, and a very enjoyable one too.

Costa Rica

You could argue that Costa Rica is one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, and it’s really a tricky kind of beauty to describe, so you have to just go and see it for yourself! If you have never been to this part of the world before, taking your kids there is certainly going to be an experience, and will perhaps provide your family with a little much-needed culture shock. That is one of the best ways to ensure that travel broadens their minds, after all, so it’s something to think about. Plus, Costa Rica is also a great country for just chilling, should you want to do that too.

New Zealand

New Zealand is frequently in the mainstream culture for being a beautiful, laid-back kind of place, and that is certainly one of its defining characteristics. It also happens to be a great place to take kids and your entire family. Part of the reason for that is down to the fact that it is the setting of Lord of the Rings, and it’s likely your kids are going to enjoy seeing where the hobbits’ homes were actually built and filmed. But it’s also just a remarkable place for exploring in general, so you are going to be able to keep everyone happy at once. Visiting New Zealand will definitely put a spring in your step as a family, so it’s one to consider if you are looking for a peaceful yet exciting place to explore together.

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Those are just some of the best destinations to take your family, but they are definitely worth considering. Each of these is going to offer you and your family something slightly different, and it’s likely that you will be able to get a lot out of each trip.


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