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Spending a Day in Brunswick, Georgia with your Baby

29th July 2020

You’ve just had a baby and deserve some fresh air and relaxation, but you’re thinking that a vacation sounds more like a hassle than it’s worth. With all the time you’d be spending in the car or out in a noisy crowd, you could easily be dissuaded from taking the necessary time away from the comfort of your home. A vacation should be relaxing and Brunswick, Georgia, can be that peaceful break you need.

Finding a Hotel

Image via Flickr by Clinton Steeds

If this isn’t your first baby, you know that finding a convenient hotel is one of the most important parts of planning a trip. A central location is optimal, so you can easily run back for extra diapers, a change of clothes, or even just a rest between activities. Because Brunswick is the mainland of the Golden Isles, it is an appropriate spot to stay. So, whether you decide to stay and explore the charm of Brunswick, or venture to one of the surrounding islands, your hotel will only be a short distance away.

Things to Do

Finding something entertaining for the entire family can get tricky, especially if you have a baby. An abundance of natural attractions in Brunswick and the surrounding isles will ensure that you’ll find something relaxing for you, inspiring for the kids, and eye-catching for baby. The Golden Isles are rich with eco-activities and nature centers that provide beautiful sights and the occasional learning opportunity. However, you will need to pack up the car and drive to each isle.

If you think the kids may not be up for the trip, the mainland has plenty of scenery and wildlife opportunities as well. Take the family on a leisurely stroll on the Earth Day Nature Trail or the Colonial Coast Birding Trail. They will enjoy the relaxing scenery and active wildlife.

Family-Friendly Restaurants

You’ve been in a restaurant before, getting the side-eye from the other patrons as you herd your family to a table. Thankfully, Brunswick has plenty of family-friendly eateries, so you’ll be able to enjoy a quality meal without judgment. Since you’ll be near the ocean, the obvious option would be to try some fresh seafood. There are plenty of options available and all pretty accessible, so you won’t have a hard time finding a great meal.

If you’re looking for a place with plenty of options for your picky eaters, Indigo Coastal Shanty’s a perfect choice. With a wide variety of food encompassing local favourites, Middle Eastern treats, and Caribbean classics, you’ll not only find something for the more particular, but you’ll have the opportunity to try something new as well. Kids and teens can choose from chicken tenders, grilled chicken, and grilled cheese, along with their choice of side.

Vacations are a needed and well-deserved part of parenthood. They provide plenty of opportunities for bonding and allow everyone to recharge. Don’t let the idea of packing the family into a confined vehicle deter you from the relaxation you deserve. Let Brunswick, Georgia, bring your family closer together and stun you with its beauty.


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