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Quick-Step for a Practical Kitchen

11th February 2022

Like most people, the kitchen is a room of the house that you take great pride in keeping clean at all times.

It is your workplace in the house that you have a responsibility to keep on top of, and whilst most people have their gadgets you feel you have to have the best in appliances to keep your kitchen to your standards.

If you replace decor and fixtures whenever you feel they are a bit outdated other than working them until they falter, then your flooring must come into question every once and while. Maybe it’s faded or just had too many clean-ups and looks discoloured as a result.

Less Clutter, More Efficiency

By installing high cabinets along one wall and tall wall units for narrow rooms, you can install a breakfast bar or island if you wish to get rid of that kitchen table that usually gets used to fold clothes on. An island feature also includes plenty of storage for pots and pans or other utensils scattered through drawers.

In installing these areas and potentially requiring a lot of work to be done, you can have luxury vinyl flooring as your floor so that any heavy damage can be quickly replaced in small sections at a cheap price instead of real flooring.


Many people are now installing downdraft extractor systems that remove odours and vapours at the source.

Popular with those with open-plan kitchen spaces, these implementations to the hob allows a greater design emphasis as well as combat against odours permeating the air. It also means that if you do choose luxury vinyl flooring, the tiles will not be affected by any rise in temperature and flooring planks or tiles will not come loose or suffer damage.

Dual Tone

Combining colours and designs to achieve a pleasing aesthetic is all the rage moving forward to add dimension to your kitchen. 

By having dark units with lightwood flooring, you show a real creative mix to your surroundings that not only looks impressive but feels energetic. You can even mix and match vinyl tiles or planks into separating patterns or use abstract designs to create a seamless mix of tones.

This is implemented into a lot of kitchens today so that they can have great style, whilst cost-effective and fully protected for upwards of 30 years.

Give your kitchen a little love with these ideas and Quick-Step luxury vinyl to cook up a storm for the look of the kitchen for the years ahead. Look for practicality with your kitchen and start at floor level with luxury vinyl flooring.

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