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Top 10 Activities for Singles in London

25th April 2024

Being single definitely doesn’t have to mean being lonely. In fact, recent research shows that two of the main benefits that singles appreciate are having more time for themselves and socialising more. With that in mind, we’ve come up with 10 awesome activities in London that help singles take advantage of their free time in fun ways.

  1. Visit a Market

One of the best ways to take in the sights, sounds and appealing smells of London is to visit a market. You’ll find plenty of people around, so it’s just as good to go with friends or alone. You could easily bump into people or start chatting to stallholders. 


If you’re just making the most of the single life, then it’s an excellent way to lose yourself for an afternoon. Borough Market is the top choice for foodies, and on Sundays, head to Columbia Road Flower Market.

  1. Meet Other Singles

If you like being single, chances are you want to stay that way while still having fun. For those open to dating, meeting other singles is the first step. Either way, there’s an event for you in London.

When the appeal of speed dating wears off, you can easily find something different. Singles in London tend to be open-minded, so you can meet others when you attend a sex club or other spicy singles events. These are places designed for hookup introductions without the expectations of traditional dating.

  1. Wine-Tasting

Being single gives you more time and opportunities to savour life, and what better way to do that than with a glass of wine? While London isn’t known for its vineyards, it does have lots of stunning venues that run wine-tasting events.

Alongside improving your knowledge of wine, you’ll get to taste some exquisite reds, whites and rosés. Plus, some events are just for singles, so you might have the added bonus of connecting with a sophisticated wine lover.

  1. Party in Shoreditch

Make the most of being carefree by having a good time in the trendy bars, restaurants and cafes of Shoreditch. Whether it’s brunch or a night out, you’re sure to feel the party atmosphere in this part of town. 

Grab some single friends and head to any of the venues that take your fancy and make some memories. You’ll find carnival vibes, beach party themes and many other options. The best part is that many places introduce a social element with communal tables. These large tables are meant for sharing and are bound to lead to interesting conversations, flirting and maybe more.

  1. Take a Walking Tour

Whether you’re new to London or have lived there for years, there’s always more to discover. Wandering down some random streets alone can feel a bit intimidating, but fortunately, there’s another way. You can find out more about the city and uncover some cool spots by taking a walking tour.

You’ll be in a group, so the amount of interaction is up to you. You could focus on the information and the streets or strike up a conversation with the guide or other people on the tour.

  1. Attend a Cooking Class

Another group activity that’s easy to find in London is a cooking class. You get to socialise a bit; there’s food involved, and, most importantly, you get to improve your skills. You can go alone or bring some mates along to add to the laughs. Either way, the dish is the focus, so you’ll have a talking point for striking up a conversation.

It’s a fantastic way to try something new and get to know more about yourself. Pick a cuisine or type of food that interests you or that you’ve never tried before.

  1. Visit Chinatown

London is a multicultural place, which means you can broaden your horizons without having to pay for plane tickets. A visit to Chinatown brings you new experiences and authentic cuisine that you just can’t miss. If you love taking photos, you’ll find bright colours and interesting spots, especially for those looking to update their dating profiles.


Enjoy your freedom by wandering down different streets and being curious about a different culture. One of the advantages of trying new things is getting to know yourself better, which is ideal for singles wanting to get out of their routine.

  1. Head to a Museum or Gallery

London is full of culture and history. You can find that gathered all in one place when you visit one of the many museums or galleries. Being single is an advantage when looking at art and artefacts, as you can linger for as long as you like in front of the pieces that call to you.

The British Museum is the obvious place to start, as is the V&A. The Tate Modern is also an excellent choice for a free day out. All three are great options for avoiding too many kids and families if that’s important to you, especially on a weekday. 

  1. Join a Fitness Class

If you’re flying solo and want an activity to keep you occupied while all your friends are coupled up, then a fitness class is a superb option. London has a huge variety of classes at all times of day. From modern dance and yoga to spin class and burlesque, there’s something to suit you. 

You can even look out for classes designed for singles or ‘date-ercise’ sessions that encourage interaction in a safe space. Partnering up with another dancer is an ideal way to get close in more ways than one.

  1. Hunt for a Bargain and Enjoy People Watching

You don’t have to head to Oxford Street to shop. If you’re more into spotting gems amongst the jumble, then you have other options. Head to Soho or Brick Lane for vintage shops, antique stores and other interesting finds. Both locations are a mix of shops, cafes and restaurants. 

You’ll find plenty of independent businesses to support. You can combine your bargain hunting with some people-watching. There are crowds at the weekends and the evenings; just find a comfy spot and enjoy watching the world go by. Supporting independent businesses and people-watching are two fantastic ways to feel connected in a big city.

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