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Indulgent Adventures: Discovering the Charms of Morocco

29th May 2024

In the world of unique travel destinations, Morocco offers up all the spoils with a buffet of great experiences, bringing together traditional charm and modern comforts. Away from clichéd narratives, it reveals experiences that transcend the ordinary. 

Morocco is a place where you can feed your mind, body, and soul with adventures ranging from barbeques on a boat to a massage in the desert. And all of these are served with a healthy dose elegance. 

Make your escape to Morocco one fit for royalty with these experiences that are meant to spoil and rejuvenate, making every moment one of indulgence and enchantment. 

Hot-Air Balloon Rides Over Marrakech

As the sun casts its first rays over the ochre cityscape of Marrakech, embark on a hot-air balloon adventure that defies gravity. Rise gently into the dawn sky, where the city’s chaotic labyrinthine of alleyways seem a million miles away. You will float closer toward the majestic Atlas Mountains looming on the horizon, watching the world below you start to awake from its slumber. 

These 1-hour flights are also accompanied by a traditional Berber breakfast in the desert, served in a colorful traditional tent. You will drink tea and enjoy aromatic dishes bursting with flavor while reminiscing about the time spent in the air. 

You can also upgrade this experience with a camel ride, making the most of your time in the desert beyond the city.

Glamping in the Desert

Swap conventional hotels for a unique glamping retreat amidst the tranquil expanse of the Agafay Desert or the sandy Sahara. Comfort tents adorned with plush furnishings and elegant décor offer a sanctuary under the starlit Moroccan sky. 

The Agafay Desert is less than an hour from Marrakesh and makes for a quick and easy overnight trip from the city. While glamping in the Sahara takes a bit more planning, no place on earth comes near the magnitude and brilliance of a night spent under this starry sky.

It’s an experience you will want to capture and share with all your loved ones, as the Agafay Desert is one of the most photogenic places in the world

Moroccan Hammam

Step into a realm of unparalleled indulgence with the Moroccan Hammam, a centuries-old tradition that epitomizes opulence and rejuvenation. This transformative experience begins with a ritualistic application of ghassoul, a natural clay sourced from the Atlas Mountains, meticulously blended with water to purify the skin from deep within. 

As the ghassoul works its magic, a decadent coating of black soap, enriched with olive oil and eucalyptus, tenderly caresses the body before rose water is delicately applied to soothe and balance the skin. This paves the way for the final touch of luxury: argan oil, renowned for its moisturizing properties, leaving the skin luminous and nourished. 

This ancient ritual transcends mere spa treatments, offering a sensory voyage that immerses you in the timeless allure of Moroccan hospitality and wellness practices, making a hammam visit an indispensable experience in the heart of Morocco.

Embark on a Desert Odyssey

Find yourself on a transcendent journey into the heart of the Sahara Desert, where the mesmerizing Erg Chebbi dunes of Merzouga invite intrepid travelers to share its secrets. You will discover the undulating sands atop a majestic camel, guided by Berber nomads who share ancient tales of the desert’s mystique. 

These experiences also include other gems like the Kasbah at Ait Ben Haddou and the Gorge of Todra to further uncover the many faces of the desert. As the sun dips below the horizon, you will surrender to the enchanting silence of the desert and witness a celestial spectacle as you rest.

Bespoke Boat Tours Along the Atlantic Coast

Nothing screams fun quite like a boat trip in an exotic location. Set sail along Morocco’s pristine Atlantic coastline from Agadir, where boat tours offer unparalleled access to secluded coves and hidden coastal gems. 

Indulge in gourmet Moroccan barbeque feasts prepared by onboard chefs as the azure waters of the Atlantic provide a tranquil backdrop to your voyage. You will stop for a refreshing swim and spend the day basking in the sun, soaking up the tranquility.

For a more intimate experience, consider a private boat ride in Rabat. Enjoy breakfast on a private vessel as you cruise along the canals of Rabat to get a different vantage point of the city’s many iconic monuments. 

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