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Family-friendly cities in Europe: Spending a great vacation with your kids

28th June 2024

Europe is an amazing destination where you can travel with your kids because it has many family-friendly cities scattered around this continent. Plus, as Europe has quite diverse locations, you might even be able to check more cities and countries on just a single vacation. Even if it can be more challenging to plan a trip with your kids, as you have more things to consider, you will see the experience will surely be worth it, as in the end, you will have great memories that will last for a lifetime. 

Plus, with its fascinating history and many museums, Europe will also be educational for your little ones, letting them learn more about the world around them. Here are some great places you should consider for your vacations with kids. 

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a great city to visit with your kids, as it is a very welcoming location, and it wasn’t for nothing that the city ranked first as the happiest country worldwide. Danish culture is very interesting, as it was created based on the hygge concept, which translates into comfort and coziness, making it ideal for families. Copenhagen is one of the best examples of the hygge concept, and it is a city suitable for a family vacation. Here, you have a lot of activities to do with your kids, including exploring the green spaces at the King’s Garden or going to the second-oldest amusement park at Tivoli Gardens. 

In Copenhagen, you should also consider a boat tour on the canals, which kids will find absolutely fascinating, and go to the impressive aquarium, the Blue Planet, to discover the wonders of the sea. Copenhagen is also a safe city that always protects its citizens. Worldwide, people have some rights at work and in public spaces that should be respected under every circumstance. Suppose they are not, and someone gets hurt because of another person’s negligence. In that case, the affected individuals can file a personal injury claim to receive something from the awful situations they have gone through. Luckily, that is not the case with Copenhagen, which always puts the safety of citizens first. 

Edinburgh, UK

Kids are fascinated by enchanted places that look like they are part of a movie, making Edinburgh a top city to consider for a family vacation. Edinburgh can be a dream for kids, as it has narrow winding streets, enchanting castles, and many parks waiting for families to explore. Edinburgh can also provide an educational experience for children, as it is home to some of the most important festivals, where families and kids can connect with the local culture. 

If your kids are Harry Potter fans, there is no better place on earth than Edinburgh. In this city, kids can also visit Edinburgh Castle to experience how it feels to be royalty for a day. Furthermore, Scots are a welcoming population that receives guests with a warm attitude and a smile, which makes Edinburgh ideal for kids. 

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona can be the best option for families wanting to explore a new city and spend time at the beach. Barcelona is great for kids and families because of its green parks, such as Parc Güell, and its golden beaches with blue waters. Spaniards are very welcoming and family-oriented, and here, children participate in many activities from their parents’ lives, including going with them to restaurants or taking walks in the evening. 

Plus, in Spain, many attractions, including Sagrada Familia, offer free admission or discounted fees for children, an important factor for those who want to travel on a budget. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is also a suitable city for a vacation with kids, as it has many lush parks, stunning cycling paths, and scenic canals where families can have the best time with their children. For example, kids can explore places like Vondelpark and museums like Rijksmuseum, where young minds can participate in interactive exhibits. Plus, Amsterdam has a cuisine that the little ones will truly enjoy, including kroket, bitterballen, poffertjes, stroopwafel, and patat. 

The Dutch have an open-minded culture regarding children, which is why some children can play unsupervised, as the country is a safe place. 

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is also a great alternative for a family vacation, as here you can truly explore the city safely with efficient and clean public transport. Plus, Switzerland is known for its natural landscapes, with many green spaces like the Lake Zurich Promenade and the Botanical Gardens, where kids can roam freely and breathe fresh air. You can also take a trip and explore the Swiss Alps, which offers activities for people of all ages. Zurich is also considered an educational hub, with over 100 art galleries and more than 50 museums, making it the perfect location for curious minds. 

And the best part of Zurich? In the city, you can visit the Lindt Home of Chocolate, one of the most popular chocolate shops in the world. This will surely be a dream come true for most children.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna has been ranked periodically as one of the world’s most livable towns, making this city a perfect option for spending a family vacation. Plus, Vienna is home to exceptional public transportation and has a lot of modern amenities that will improve parents’ time. Not to mention that the city is amazing for its architecture and cobbled streets that maintain an old-world charm, which is a reason enough to visit it. Kids can see many attractions in Vienna that offer educational experiences, including Hofburg Palace and the Schönbrunn Palace. Additionally, Vienna has a lot of kid-friendly menus where children can enjoy delicious meals. Oh…we forgot to mention another thing that is part of Vienna’s culture: Chocolate. Now, you will be assured that your kids will want to have a chance to see stunning Vienna.

Where do you want to travel with your kids next? 

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