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Exciting snow games for the whole family

14th April 2024

Keeping the children active and entertained during the winter season can be a bit tricky.In cold weather conditions it is not easy to find games that are both fun and safe for the kids.

Whether it is walking in a winter wonderland near your home or discovering the beloved pastime of fun on the snow in a faraway land,the winter months have much fun and frolic to offer for the whole family.

Here are some fun winter activities which you can turn into games on the snow and unleash your inner child while bonding with the family, despite the harsh cold and early sunsets.

Cruise to Alaska

So why not think about a snowy winter vacation where the kids can explore different holiday cultures and soak in otherworldly sights on a cruise to Alaska.

No vacation in the world compares with living the adventure of cruising from Seattle to Alaska. Take your kids by dog sled over ancient rivers of ice or educate them about wildlife,big and small,all from onboard thrill-filled cruise ships with scores of other  activities in store.

Fat biking 

Fat tire bikes are an excellent way to get out and explore the countryside in winter.Fat bikes come with extra large tires,sometimes outfitted with studs,for extra stability and increased traction on snow and ice.

If you are in Alaska,there are multiple trails open throughout the year where kids and adults alike will revel in pedaling,thanks to the fat bikes 


This once essential mode of transportation is today a popular recreational activity and a great winter exercise as well to be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages.

All you need to do is buy or rent snowshoes from a reliable outdoor retailer and find outdoor trails to explore.This low-impact workout is a perfect way to take in the snowy scenery.

Ice skating 

For a truly family-friendly winter activity,rent some skates and venture out on the snow for some ice skating fun.You can look for groomed lagoons or lakes in your vicinity for a more unique ice skating experience.

Backcountry ice skating opportunities can also be considered for those interested in an ice skating experience on a larger scale. Check with local park offices on the snow conditions before venturing out for a backcountry ice skating trip.

Ice fishing 

Fishing is no longer an activity that can be enjoyed only in the summer months. Today this has become a popular winter sport, especially for older children who live close to a frozen pond or lake.

Though this activity requires a bit of planning and awareness about surface ice conditions,ice fishing can train the angler to be patient and learn to concentrate while enjoying the outdoors at the same time.

Indoor obstacle course 

There will be times when the outside weather could become dreadful,but you can carry the fun indoors by making an obstacle course using household items.

Kids will enjoy the challenge of creeping under chairs, pillows and blankets while attempting to crawl and jump their way through.

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