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Captivating coastlines: A journey through Europe’s best coastal cruises

26th March 2024

A cruise vacation offers a unique experience that stirs the senses as it takes the guests to exciting destinations with an array of accommodation and entertainment facilities onboard.

Europe has the most captivating coastline in the world,so If you are planning your next sea voyage,your best bet is to board from the thriving city of Southampton, around 69 miles away from London.

Cruise ships sail from Southampton to some of the most coveted places in Europe. The coastlines in particular,boast of incredible scenery and are renowned for their tranquillity and beauty which attracts millions of cruisers from all over the world.

Below you will find some of the top coastal cruises that are certain to provide you with some of the best views of Europe.

The Norwegian Fjords

For those seeking a reprieve from the hot European summer,the Scandinavian coast offers a welcome respite by a cruise through the indelible Norwegian Fjords.

Here you will come across the most incredible coastline in Norway,with enormous sea water inlets that stretch hundreds of miles inland in some places offering cruise guests a different experience from the traditional sea cruise.

Ships usually sail to the Norwegian Fjords from Southampton past the port cities of Olden and Stavanger and visit the stunning fjords of Nordfjorden and Innvikfjorden, before returning to Southampton.

The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean region is said to be one of the most scenic areas on earth, famous for its clear blue waters and pristine white sandy beaches, offering a variety of superb coastal cruise routes.

One popular option is a cruise to the Italian capital Rome that will take you past some of the most jaw-dropping coastlines in the Mediterranean,with stop-overs at famous places like Florence, Barcelona and Cannes.

Moreover,given the close proximity of most of the European cities which fall on the coastal cruise route,one will not have to spend more than a day on sea.


The Adriatic Sea may be a lesser discussed topic,but it can be equally beautiful as the Mediterranean as it is flanked by Croatia on one side and Italy on the other,two countries known for their coastal beauty, panoramic views and historical coastal towns.

To explore this part of the Mediterranean coast on a cruise trip,you can sail around the eastern side of the country,where the expanse of the Adriatic Sea opens up before your eyes.

Disembarks at the charming coastal towns of Dubrovnik, Split and Koper, before ending the cruise at the iconic canal city of Italy, Venice.


Europe has a wealth of coastline which offers so much to experience that a cruise visitor can spend a lifetime exploring it.

Going on a cruise is the best way to view the coastline from a different perspective,with beach vacations and city breaks in between. In fact, you will be hard-pressed to find a more idyllic holiday than cruising some of these stunning coasts.

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