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Beach Activity Ideas for Adventurous Families

28th June 2024

Taking the kids on holiday can be a great way to show them the world, escape your normal routines, and make happy memories together. However, keeping the boys happy and entertained on holiday can sometimes be tricky! 

There are many fantastic family holiday destinations all over the world, and a holiday is a good opportunity to try a few new activities that could become hobbies back home. So, what are some of the best beach activity ideas for adventurous families?

Tennis & Padel

Both tennis and padel are great holiday activities, but there are differences between the two! Padel is one of the fastest-growing sports right now, as it is easy to play and suitable for all ages and abilities. 

Both are racket sports with the same scoring system, but the padel court is much smaller and enclosed, and the rackets are small and solid, similar to a Swingball racket. 

Both are great forms of exercise and family activity holidays usually include beach hotels with tennis and padel facilities and instructors.

Water Skiing & Wakeboarding

Both water skiing and wakeboarding offer unique and thrilling water experiences that your kids will surely love. As the name suggests, water skiing involves using two skis that are secured to the feet, while wakeboarding uses a single, shorter, and wider board with bindings for the feet – it’s like skiing and snowboarding on water! 

These activities are best suited to older kids but are both fantastic fun and sure to create amazing memories that your family will cherish. 

Dinghy Sailing

A gentler activity suitable for all ages – yet still one that is great fun – is dinghy sailing. Dinghy sailing allows you to race across the water and feel the sun on your face, which makes it ideal for a summer beach vacation. 

You can get sailing tuition from a qualified instructor to make sure that you know how to sail safely and efficiently for the best possible experience. This is a great opportunity for your kids to learn a new skill and enjoy the thrill of sailing.


Kayaking is another ideal activity for beach holidays as it is great fun and active and gives you the chance to explore hidden coves and visit nearby islands. This is an activity that will excite inquisitive youngsters and a skill that can be easy to grasp, so it should not take too long for you to feel confident on the water. 

Keeping kids happy and entertained on a family beach holiday can be tough, especially as many will not be content with simply soaking up the sun on the beach! 

This is why it is helpful to have a few activities in mind before you set off, and the above ideas are all great ways to burn off some energy each day, bring you closer together, and create new memories to cherish for life. 

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