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Adventure Things to do for Adults and Kids in Dubai

29th May 2024

Dubai is a popular family friendly holiday destination. The city with its modern architecture and infrastructure has loads of activities and attractions that kids and adults can do together. This is true in the case of adventures too. Dubai offers a myriad of adventure activities, including some extreme adventures as well. While kids may not be able to participate in extreme activities, there are several adventures that both parents and children can enjoy together. Here we present some of the awesome adventure things to do in Dubai for both adults and kids.

Waterpark Fun

If there is a place where you and your kids can have sure shot fun, it would be at the water park. While there are plenty of water parks in the city, Aquaventure is the best. Atlantis Aqauaventure Water Park is the biggest in the city and comes with all kinds of cool and thrilling rides. There is a section dedicated to kids, but most medium and high thrill rides can be enjoyed by kids above 3 feet height. There are solo slides and rides as well as those that the family can do together. Some of the most thrilling attractions to check out here are Leap of Faith, Poseidon’s Revenge, Blackout, Vortex, The Storm, Surge, Odyssey of Terror bn, Immortal Falls, etc. Get your Aquaventure Waterpark tickets online to make the most of your time at the waterpark.


Another exciting activity you can enjoy in Dubai is skiing. You will be surprised that the Emiratis have built a large indoor skiing resort right inside a shopping mall. Ski Dubai is the world’s largest indoor skiing resort, where everyone, right from beginners to professionals can enjoy some fun skiing sessions. Kids as young as three years can enjoy skiing here. Children and adults can take skiing lessons here and practice skiing as well as snowboarding skills on the large ski mountain. Ski Dubai also has a snow park where you can enjoy bobsledding, ziplining, chair lifting, and snow bullet riding. You will also get to see Humbolt penguins at Ski Dubai.

Desert Adventures

The Dubai desert is where you can enjoy maximum adventures with your family. The desert safari is filled with some unique adventure activities that you will not get to see or do anywhere else. The desert safari tour starts with dune bashing. Somewhat like a rollercoaster, a large 4×4 vehicle is used to run up and down the sand dunes. While infants and toddlers should avoid this ride, older kids can try it. Then there is quad biking, which anyone above the age of 16 can try. Children older than 12 years can ride pillion on a quad bike in the desert. Besides this, people of all ages can try sandboarding in the deserts of Dubai. Hot air balloon ride is also a popular desert adventure in Dubai, where everyone from the age of 5 years can participate.


Dubai gives you the chance to ride on the longest urban zipline in the world. XLine Dubai is in Dubai Marina. There are two parallel ziplines here. Standing at the height of 170 meters, these ziplines are 1 km long and will give you an aerial view of the Dubai Marina, while you zip at the speed of 80 km/hour. The ziplining ride is for people above the age of 18 years, but children above the age of 12 years can also do it if they have the written consent of their parents. As two lines run parallel to each other, it is a great way to have a fun competition between parents and children while zooming over the most happening neighborhood of Dubai.

Helicopter Ride

Is your little one obsessed with airplanes and helicopters? If yes, why not give him/her a ride that he would remember forever? You and your family can book a helicopter tour that will take you around some of the most iconic attractions of the city. Lasting somewhere between 15-60 minutes, the ride will give you the chance to see a closer look at the major landmarks of Dubai like Palm Jumeirah, Hotel Atlantis the Palm, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, etc. You can also go for a desert helicopter tour if you want to enjoy the beauty of the desert in all its glory.

Theme Park Rollercoasters and Rides

Another adventurous thing that both kids and adults will enjoy is a visit to the theme park. There is no dearth of amusement parks in Dubai, but the IMG Worlds of Adventure is no doubt the best. It is the largest indoor theme park in the world and has some of the most amazing and thrilling rollercoasters, rides, and other attractions. While the theme park has six zones, you will most of the thrilling ride at Marvel zone, Lost Valley Zone, and Cartoon Network Zone. Some of the rides you get to enjoy here are Hulk Epsilon Bade 3D, Avengers Battle of Ultron, Thor Thunder Spin, The Velociraptor, Predator, The Forbidden Territory, etc. Adults and children above 15 years can also visit The Haunted Hotel for some serious spooky experiences.

Water Sports

Dubai, being a coastal city, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. While these beaches are perfect for spending quality time, playing in the sand and watching the waves, they also offer thrilling water sports. While a few of the water sports like jet skiing, wakeboarding, kite surfing, and scuba diving may not be for young children, there are several that you can enjoy as a family. Donut ride, banana boat ride, kayaking, and boating/yachting are some things you can enjoy with children. There are water sports like parasailing that kids older than 12 years can try if they have parental consent.

Indoor Skydiving

Dubai is one of the most popular destinations for skydiving. But it is not a sport for the kids. But indoor skydiving is open for all. Humans as young as three can attempt indoor skydiving Dubai at iFly Dubai. This amazing adventure activity is completely safe. The wind power is controlled as per the weight and height of a person. Moreover, the participant is always accompanied by an instructor inside the flight chamber. The instructor will help you keep steady while flying and teach some cool moves and flips. Both children and adults must follow the safety instructions and wear safety gear before going for an indoor skydiving session.

Snorkeling, paragliding, etc., are a few other adventure things to do with kids in Dubai. Each of the adventure things will have a certain age limit. It is important to confirm this before you book an adventure activity for you and your kids. 

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