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3 Tools Every Travel Blogger Needs

1st March 2020

When it comes to travel blogging, there are so many tools and services you can invest in to make the very most out of your blogging career. It can be super overwhelming to know which courses to take or what are the most important tools you need in your kit, but fear not, this post will detail the three tools that every blogger needs. If you are just starting out as a travel blogger, these three tools will make your life so much easier!

Unique backdrops

Good value backdrops are great for all bloggers, whether they’re travel bloggers, mummy bloggers or bog-standard lifestyle bloggers. You may be wondering why a travel blogger would need unique painting backdrops as surely most of a travel blogger’s imagery would be shots of the hotels, countries and cities they visit right? Well, even travel bloggers need to do flat-lays every once in a while and a backdrop is the perfect base on which to lay your props!

Vinyl backdrops for picture are stunning and create an authentic look for your flat lay images. What’s more, they’re durable so once you invest in them, you can rest assured they’ll be with you for the long haul.

Canvas backdrop is another option. These are perfect for scene setting when crafting recipes you’ve discovered on your travels or photographing your souvenirs!

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Tripod or selfie stick

View of Ludlow castle ruins from the top

To get the perfect pictures when you’re on your travel, invest in a tripod or selfie stick. I use our tripod near enough every day when we are on our travels and a selfie stick, as cringe inducing as it may be, is a fantastic way to get incredible shots when you are climbing towers in ancient castles or spinning ’round ferris wheels. I purchased our tripod from Amazon for a bargain price of around £7, meaning you don’t have to spend crazy amounts of money to get a good one. Selfie sticks are even cheaper – so why not get one and if you don’t use it, then nothing much has been lost.

Lightweight laptop

A lightweight laptop is a must for every travel blogger. Although phones are amazing these days, you cannot beat blogging on a laptop as it is so much easier to make changes, such as updating plugins and completing blogmin such as broken backlinks, link building and updating old posts for SEO purposes. I really recommend a lightweight laptop such as a Macbook Air. These laptops are so easy to carry around with you thanks to how lightweight they are, plus they are super speedy so you can make quick changes whilst you’re on the go. I also love how long the charge lasts on Macbooks – giving you much longer battery life than a traditional laptop.

Of course this isn’t an exhaustive list of everything you need as a travel blogger. An amazing phone – I am loving the Google Pixel at the moment – is a must as well as an in-date passport and a super trendy set of luggage cases.

What are your must-haves as a travel blogger?