• Dexter peeping out with Caerlaverock castle in the background

    Top Places in The UK to Visit on a Budget

    9th June 2021

    Image credit  Holidays help you to unwind, which is excellent for your health and mental wellbeing. The World Health Organisation revealed that stress-related health conditions would be the second leading cause of disability. Therefore, taking time off to de-stress is in your best interest. Fortunately, you can spend less and have a good time. That…

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  • Is Vinyl Flooring Suitable All Year Round

    7th June 2021

    People want to know if flooring options such as luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is suitable for all the elements the year brings. Be it rain, snow, heat or year around dirt, most floors are going to see their share of stress-inducing damage and costly fixes, and is vinyl flooring any different? It is here…

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